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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Hansome Pills, Part Two" by Jay Roberts Gay Sci Fi/FantasyOne morning, a few days later, I checked out my formerly ugly self in the
bathroom mirror. Maybe my hair looked good because I let it grow, or maybe
my scalp stopped oiling itself, sex russian girls but my hair looked fuller, springy and I
think it had red highlights. I brushed it forward like a rock star. The
effect was really nice and it seemed to lessen the antenna effect russian free hardcore video of my
ears. Hey, even my nose, in my broader face looked...classic? maybe?I dressed a little more carefully and headed off for school. On the way
out of the house, Davy passed me on the stairs. He gave russian adult cam me a long
quizzical look. I think he was feeling a little like he was losing the
handsome competition in the family.In home room there is this dude, Gary. I always get a little buzzy in the
crotch when he strolls in. He has that fuck-the-world-bad boy look. He's
a big guy with bright blue eyes and a soft curly mouth russian juniour nudes that belies his
toughness. He's a major fox. Today, I almost fell off the seat of the
desk as he faced me, before sitting down, and mouthed, "You're s-o-o hot!"My face was burning the while home room time and I didn't hear any of the
announcements. My next period was gym, his also. He came over to me as I
was undressing and getting into my gym shorts. He stood next to me, real
close and I could feel his warm breath russian sexcams on my cheek as he said, "You fool
around?"Now that's a tough question. If you include self-fooling around, yes. If
you mean with other bodies, no. I finally answered him. "No, but I'm
looking forward to it."That response intrigued him. His not to bright face looked puzzled for a
moment, then he put his ham hand on russian hardcore sex
my ass and squeezed. "Meet me in the
gym shitter after gym."Now I know this bathroom. Once gym is over and the place is empty, free russian boy porn
no one
goes there. How come he is so familiar with the setup. I think he has a
whole secret life here in school.He managed to run into me during basket ball practice and I was hard most
of the period. Now besides Gary's attentions, several of the other guys
seemed to sexy russian redhead smile at me. Where were they during my ugly period, when I
needed them?I was shaking badly as I heard my footsteps echoing against the hard walls
of the empty gym as I made my way toward the romote boys room, I opened the
door and there was Gary, smiling at me and hardcore russian incest rubbing his litle russian crotch. I got a
sudden feeling of alarm as I was afraid he expected me to give him a blow
job, but no, to russian pics free my amazement, he pushed me into to handicapped booth and
feel onto his knees. Deftly he opened my belt and fly and reverently
looked at my cock that he had just brought into the light."It's as beautiful as you are, Sam."I was breathing so hard, I was almost ready to collapse in a heap in the
tile floor, but his large hands behind my knees held me steady. He sure
had a large tongue, I noticed as I looked down. It was as big as a throw
rug. That tongue lapped my cock, wetting it with hot spit. He must have
practiced with candy canes a long time to get such good skill.I was russian free hardcore video
making so much noise, moaning and making "uh" sounds that he stopped
and looked up at me. "Dude, hold it down, we don't want to get security
here."I tried my best, but when he began sucking and tonguing at the same time, I
was singing an aria with nots of top illegal russian sex gallery
notes. A was too quick, I know, but
what's a kid to do? This sweet mouth was so clingy russian dating ru and rubby that I was
sailing away to that distant shore where my crashing cum was waiting."I'm going to spill," I said hoarsely, grabbing his shoulders hard."Give me your sweet milk, babe," he intoned.I stopped trying to hold back, grabbed his long blond hair and help it like
a horse main as I tumbled into a long heavy cum that left me weak and faint
when he ended."Thanks Sammy, that was delicious. I really appreciate you're letting me
have you when you could get any guy in school."What the fuck. This was like a crazy dream. Then my good nature came
forth. I figured he gave me such a hot time, maybe I russian googirls ought to offer a hand
job."You want me to do something for you?" I said, curling my hand and moving
it up and down.He blushed prettily, russian free hardcore video what a beauty he was, in a dumb way, and pointed at
the floor. There was a puddle of Gary essence, shining in the dim light.I hurried out, telling him I was already late for biology, not realizing
how funny that was.That was such an overpowering experience, I figuring it would take care of
my self abuse time for a few days, but I was wrong. After school, I came
home, the house was empty. I got undressed and lay on my bed and grabbed a
fuck book from my collection under the mattress. I was wanking and
reading, breathing hard and enjoying every moment. Then I thought I heard
a rustle of clothing on the other side of the book. I lowered the book,
there was Davy, slowly jerking his prick and smiling, his eyes shooting
sparks at me."Hey little bro, what a hot sight!"He leaned down and right then and there, I got my first kiss on the mouth I
had every had. It was a kiss and run, no he stayed there sort of pushing
at my lips until they opened and then his tongue tip rubbed my lips. I
sighed and pulled him on top up me. I never realized what russian googirls
I had been
missing. Kissing was good. Kissing was aich oh tee.Now we really got into tonguing. My cock was dripping, his mouth was
dripping, we were reaching a heavy point that screamed "move to a higher
level."Boy did that new level scream out at me as he whispered in my ear, "You
want to fuck me?"I nodded vigorously. He jumped up and stripped, then lay on his bed, on
his back, holding his muscular legs in hot russian wife the air, displaying his slightly
hairy ass hole to me. "Climb on Sammy, I'm dying here."Now I never did this before, but nature seems to build the ability into
your genes. I put his big feet at my russian pic forum hip bones, pointed my dripping cock
at his puckering, pleading ass hole and put my cock head inside. He let
out a long held breath."Oh Sammy, I love you like a brother. Don't be gentle, fuck the hell out
of me. I can take it."I pushed my shy nature aside. I pushed my respect for an older brother
aside. I backed up a bit and drove into his hot hole with one motion. He
howled in surprise, but then smiled happily as I began the old in and out,
that ancient motion that we all love.His eyes were tearing with happiness, as my brotherly cock massaged his hot
button. His own cock, lying on his belly was dripping russian girls pic pre cum that pooled
in his deep navel. This was a happy sibling, I thought. But again, how
much could I stand. Even though I had a heavy cum two hours earlier, russian free pics incest my
balls began to vibrate and my thighs buzzing. I was on the way to hosing
his passage.Then as I watched his good looking face, his eyes rolled up and his cock
began to pulse and deliver streams of spooge on his happy trail. His ass
hole sucked in and out and I was THERE. He got a sperm enema from my
jerking cock. He almost wept in happiness as he felt it.I fell across naked russian baby girls
him in weakness as my cum ended. We kissed again. At that
moment, I loved my brother more than any living thing on Earth, but that
feeling ended the following day.My father called me. "Sam, get in here, I want to talk to you."Uh, uh, and double uh, uh. This was trouble. I sat down far across the
room so he couldn't swat me with him hand the way he used to do when I was
younger."I understand that you are taking LST.""What? I'm and what makes you think so?""We (that meant treacherous Davy) found those little pills in your top
drawer.""What's he doing in russian teachers porn my drawers?"Soon as I said that, I had to laugh. Dad didn't think it was funny."They are russian forum gay
at the drug clinic being tested."I let out a sigh of relief. Whatever they were, they weren't LSD. Aunt
Grace certainly didn't have a dealer who supplied her. It's ridiculous I
assured Dad.A few days later, I was again summoned for a heart to heart. "They're not
LSD. They're a chemical substitute for sugar. The lab said they are
harmless. What're taking them for," and then his voice got warm and
fatherly, "Son."That old devil Aunt Grace. She knew that all I needed was magic to help me
believe in myself. Believe me, when I sold the cane at auction and got
$50,000, my self confidence really soared. Then when I bought that nasty
black Mustang with the special black leather seats and tooled around with
Rex and Randy, kids whom I had a threesome with, I was high on the world.End of Story

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